Desktop Repair Service

At C-techs we can perform any repair to your Desktop PC. Common hardware problems include failed hard drives or memory, and common software problems are caused by file corruption or viruses. We will always carry out full assessments, and present you with all the options and advice on how to proceed.

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Common Repairs

The following is a list of the most common repairs we do on a daily basis:

Computer Slowing Down: Your computer slowing down day after day. Our tune-up job will make your computer runs like new again.

Estimated repair cost: $60/hr, normally within 1 hr.

Blue Screen of Dead: A Blue Screen of Dead could cause by a vaiety reasons including softwares or hardwares. We can do detail diagnostic and fix the problem ASAP.

Estimated repair cost: $60/hr.

Hardware upgrade: A benefit of having a desktop computer is easy to upgrade. No matter you want to upgrade your CPU, RAM, Harddisk, DVD rom or anything else. We are glad to help.

Estimated repair cost: $60/hr, parts cost will be various.

Strange noises and vibrations: This is almost totally a hardware issue. You computer is made up of thousands of parts. Its not unheard of that one of them can become unhinged. Overheating can cause expansion of wires and melt some sensitive. High pitch noises such as squealing or whining sounds can be cause electronic components. Whatever the reason, we can fix it for you.

Estimated repair cost: $60.00 to $95.00 including labor.

Desktop keeps shuting down: Usually it is caused by CPU overheated. If a cooling fan stops working, or too much dust gets into the heatSink assembly, your processor will run at a higher temperature. When a temperature threshold has been reached, the processor will shut down immediately to prevent heat damage. A complete cleaning of heating channel will fix this problem.

Estimated repair cost: $20-50 for a CPU fan, and $60 labor.

Desktop won't turn on (No lights on panel at all):A dead power supply or motherboard could be the cause of the problem. We will do a quick diagnostic to identify the problem first. then perform the repair

Estimated repair cost: Power supply is $40-90, motherboard is $70-200, and $60 for labor.

Complete Windows reload: Your Widnows system doesn't work well and you wanna a complete fresh reload to get rid of everything, bring the operating system back to its original. We can do this for you.

Estimated repair cost: $60 for windows reload without data backup, $120 for a reload with data backup.

Virus removal: C-Techs remove all viruses, rootkits, malware, spyware, and other malicous software. Work done by experienced and certified professionals. What we will remove is virus only, not your company documents, photos, videos or any applications.

Estimated repair cost: $60

Other laptop issues: For all uncertain computer problems, we will do a detail diagnostic, then tell you what the problem is and how much it is gonna cost you to fix it.

Estimated repair cost: $60/hr for repair, parts cost will be various.

All Brands of Laptop Supported